Artist’s statement

What is in my mind when I create the artwork is deeply personal but it matters equally that the sculptures engage others to connect with the deep-rooted simplicity and sensitivity of human being. There is a sense of life and humanity in the figures I create which often seem quite pensive and deep in thought, or naturally happy.  Gaud

The thematic of human beings’ identity is central to Gaud’s work. She either chooses to capture a single moment or tells an entire story. Suggestion and imagination take always an active part in Gaud’s art pieces.

She presents sculptures showing human figures in their most sincere simplicity, yet suggesting their deep or fleeting dreams and reflections. The emotional quality removes their anonymity, their thoughts and personalities are revealed to the viewer.

Depending upon the nature of her projects, Gaud uses live models or creates new figures from scratch. She favours a spontaneous texture, which  adds  vibration to her  work  and  naturally leaves a clear imprint of life. Gaud  mainly  works  with  clay  and  mix media. Her sculptures are then casted in limited and numbered bronze editions.


Gaud (b.1976) is a French contemporary artist. She paints and sculpts live models since 2008 and develops specific projects related to people’s identity, intimacy and inner-self. Since her childhood, she attends workshops and continuing trainings in French Art Schools such as l’Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, les Ateliers des Arts Décoratifs,  and  private  studios in Paris.

Her sculptures are subsequently shown in Italy and Hong Kong, where she moves in 2014. She is a hirer of the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre ever since and closely collaborates with two renowned French and Chinese fine art foundries to produce her bronze sculptures